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To whom it may concern,

In 2011 we were looking for help to increase our leadership skills and enhance our management team’s ability to be self directing.  During our research one firm’s name kept coming to our attention, Result Global, Ltd.

The first step was to evaluate where we  were.  We utilized the online SAVE™ Manufacturing to pinpoint our existing business conditions, before implementing LTWT System.  This process established the strategy basis on which we could build our new programs.

The next step was to assess our leadership, management, and employee’s opinions and perspectives on the critical issues affecting their performance.  It was recommended that we use for that purpose online assessment of Engage Your Team, LLC’s.

Following those assessments, Result Global engaged our management and employees in implementing our business transformation initiatives and improved accountability and performance of our human talents at all levels of the organization.

I also found Chris Anbari’s personal leadership coaching sessions to be helpful in my personal development as a more effective leader.

If you’re looking to transform your organization, I recommend Result Global, Ltd to assist you in that journey.


Leonard Slott